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Silla Hoops Large

GET IT BY Feb. 23-27



  • Large hoop earrings finely hand-wrapped in pure silk threads.
  • Each strand of silk is hand-dyed bright red or orange-gold before being carefully twisted around the hoop.
  • Intricate raised gold spiral pattern at bottom adds exquisite touch.
  • Ethically designed and handmade in Gambia by local artisans.
  • Pair with a full floral dress for a vivid night out.
  • Silk is lightweight and the hoops will not pull on earlobes.



  • Founder and entrepreneur Nay Secka purchases Tegaa’s jewelry and accessories directly from the Gambian artisans who handcraft each piece.
  • Based in San Diego, Tegaa is the first and only company offering authentic Gambian fashion outside of Gambia.
  • The bangles, waistbeads, fans, and more are carefully crafted in the traditional Gambian style, making them truly authentic and one-of-a-kind.
  • Tegaa supports the Gambian community by fairly paying the artisans and allowing them to create the pieces at their own pace.
  • Tegaa also gives back by donating a percentage of profits to the charity Power Up Gambia, which provides solar-powered energy to hospitals and clinics in Gambia.



  • Silk is a delicate natural material. Keep earrings from water, lotions, and perfumes and store separately from other jewelry.
    • TEGAA Silla Hoops Large Jewelry | Red/Gold| TEGAA Silla Hoops Large
    • TEGAA Silla Hoops Large Jewelry | Silla Hoops Large