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21 Aug

Bikini Whisperer: How do I rock a nude bikini?

Posted by Bikini Owner in bikini, Bikini Whisperer, color, nude, trend

Welcome to our new bikini advice column, featuring the hard-earned wisdom of our very own swimsuit master, the Bikini Whisperer. Today, we hear from a woman with a love for nude bikinis, unsure how to wear this trend — and the Bikini Whisperer has some ideas for how to handle. Looking for some advice of your own? Drop us a line!


Hi Bikini Whisperer,

I’ve noticed nude is one of the hottest color trends right now and I love all the bikinis available! My problem is, I’m scared I’ll look naked from afar. How do you rock this hue without feeling, let’s say – a bit indecent.  


Decent Girl


Dear DG,

Let me begin with a very important question – do you know your skin complexion and undertones? If so, great! We’re off to a fantastic start. If you’re not so sure, here’s a bit of great 411.

Look at the veins on your wrist – do they appear blue or green? Green indicates you’re warm complected and blue tends to suggest you have a cool tint to your skin.

Next, determine if you’re fair (Blake Lively), have a medium skin tone (Kim Kardashian), or are on the darker side (Zoe Saldana). Now, combine warm or cool undertones with a fair, medium, or dark skin tone to reference the following do’s and don’ts when selecting a nude bikini that best complements your look.

If you’re pale with cool or warm undertones, go for shades darker than your skin and completely stay away from peachy or rose-tinted nudes. Those shades are bound to wash you out.

For medium skin coloring with warm undertones, select swimsuits with tones lighter than your skin. It’s a good idea to stay away from golden or tan-colored shades — you’ll appear a bit too naked if the shades resemble your natural skin.

Pink or tan toned nudes are the best for medium skin coloring with cool undertones, they’ll make your sun kissed tan pop. Opt out of copper and caramel tinted nudes, which will make you look completely naked from afar.

Dark skins with warm and cool undertones should go for the brighter nudes with hints of pink or gold. Do not touch any brown or grey-saturated nude bikini.

Regardless of your skin coloring, always go for a nude hue that is at least three shades lighter or darker than your skin. If you’re snow white throughout the winter but tan easily in the summer, select a suit that’s closer to a vanilla or bone shade.

If you indulge in a bit of artificial tanning, stay away from bikinis that are fully nude in color and go for a color block option. This detail separates the nude shade of your suit from the color of your skin and distracts the eye from any blotching or streaking that can unfortunately occur.

I know it’s hard selecting the ideal nude bikini, but hopefully the gallery above and these recommendations will help you take the beach by storm in hot, sassy nude number.

One last thing! Never layer a nude bikini with a tan coverup. If you’re fair, play it up with a colorful piece, and if you’re darker, select a chic black or an on-trend white piece. And don't forget lather on SPF — a nude bikini on red skin will never be sexy or on trend.


Bikini Whisperer