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16 Mar

Demystifying the Juice Cleanse

Posted by Bikini Owner

Study up on the top juice cleanses on the market.

By Jimmy Im,

Processed foods, obesity, too much sugar — there's a good reason why America is the No. 1 nation for juice diets. We eat too much of everything, and our bodies have adjusted to the heaping amounts of food we eat. So when your best girlfriend announces she's going on a juice cleanse, best not to raise an eyebrow. Juice fasts/diets/cleanses are one of the surefire ways to purify your system with natural foods from the earth, leaving you healthier, slimmer and more energized.

But it's not easy. You need to be disciplined (no French fries, people), and it doesn't come cheap. gets the skinny on the top juice cleanses on the market.

The Master Cleanse

Perhaps the granddaddy of juice diets that truly started the trend is The Master Cleanse. In fact, it's been kicking since the 1940s. What makes it popular is its affordability: you can do this at home. All you need is fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and spring water. The concoction is known to curb your appetite, benefit your metabolism and fully detoxify your bod. Hey, Beyoncé did it, and she looks great. It only takes three full days to start removing processed foods from your body and start feeling great about your overall health.


This one started off as a juice diet prepared fresh and delivered straight to your home for every meal. Its popularity skyrocketed with celebrities, and now it's a staple at Whole Foods. Everyone from New York magazine to Food & Wine has raved about the diet, and the proof is in everyday testimonials. There's a variety of 100 percent raw, unprocessed juice options, all giving you a different level of intensity and results that include improved energy, attitude and sleep.

Pressed Juicery

Known for juice produced on a hydraulic press that yields fresh flavors straight from the pulp, this method releases essential vitamins and minerals in every juice. They offer three cleanse packages — Nourish, Detoxify and Refine — that cater to everyone from juice-cleanse beginners to expert vegetarian pros. Anyone doing this cleanse is guaranteed a regulated, nourished colon!

Organic Avenue

This cleanse goes above and beyond by making healthy living a lifestyle, not only packaging cold-pressed juices but also offering raw-food cleansing programs, superfoods and even beauty products. Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan. Organic Avenue makes it easy with three very different comprehensive juice plans for beginners, intermediates and experts. If you can't fully commit to their cleanses, get into their range of all-organic smoothies.


Believe it or not, you don't need to spend big bucks for a juice cleanse. All you need is fresh produce with high water content (anything from carrots to oranges to leafy greens). The beauty of this option is that you get to pick what goes in your juice concoction. You'll need a blender and the commitment to a juice-only diet. To keep calories up and to avoid hunger and fatigue, make sure you give yourself 9 to 12 cups of juice a day.