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05 Feb

5 Healthy Snacks For Your Best Bikini Body Ever

Posted by Bikini Owner

Face it ladies. You can work out all you want, but until you clean up your diet, you are never going to be fully comfortable in that cute bikini you’ve been dying to wear. We all have our excuses. We’re either too busy, too lazy, not enough self-control ... the list goes on. And with Thanksgiving around the corner, what's a busy Bikini girl to do? We sat down with top Miami trainer David Alexander to get some answers.

When it comes to nutrition, David tells his celebrity clients one thing: "If it came from the earth, you’re one step closer to your goals." The key is to avoid food that comes straight from a bag, David says. In case you were wondering, processed foods are a no-no—no matter how crazy your day is! If you're looking to keep up that Bikini bod through the holidays, you're going to have to snack right.

Not to worry, we've got your back (chiseled arms and taut torso?). Peruse the gallery above for David's top five on-the-go bites. 

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